Telamadera Fusion:


A process I created and shared in my now ancient book (2009), no longer in print,

Collage Fusion: Vibrant Wood and Fabric Art Using Telamadera Techniques. Longest title ever, but you get the idea ... wood, fabric, paint. Looks like you can still purchase an e-book.


My artwork has evolved, thankfully. How boring if it didn't. Still love to create on a wood canvas, and I love digital art too.


You may purchase my artwork. Yay for both of us! Please send me an email: I'll send you a Paypal invoice for art and shipping costs. Beauty will arrive at your door. If you're happy, then I'm happy.


Join me in a Telamadera Fusion class! Details here.


Thank you for your support.


The fine print: If you're not happy, please pay to send the artwork back, as it was shipped to you, and I will respectfully reimburse you for the artwork, not the shipping. No weirdness between us. It's all good.





What else?


Listening to my soul has its advantages. For one, my life feels very me. Like a big dream come true.


Imagination is a sacred place. Soul creates an alchemy of my loves, my wishes, my layers of perception and every single thought in such a way that I follow her inspiration like a blissed out puppy. I make art, for crying out loud. And, I write every day. So rad. So grateful.


I've lived in amazing places in California, Oregon, Mexico and Peru: San Francisco, all over the East Bay, Santa Monica, Santa Cruz and San Rafael, Bend and Sisters in Oregon and in Lima, Peru and in Mexico City. Beautiful Portland, Oregon is my home now.


I'm a travel junkie. I love the world and the people in it. I can't wait to see and photograph ALL of it. Here are photos of my last few trips.


I share this blessed life with my husband, Mike. We've launched two children we are proud of. And there's Gus. A GSP. He's almost 15. Who knew we'd be so lucky.









I sell my soul. She makes me do it. My soul said, "Your gifts are meant to be shared." We were discussing my art and writing. "But what if no one wants what I offer?" Suddenly, a heart of darkness feeling overcame. Shivers up my spine. One awful thought stumbled over the next one. I'll spare you my underworld. You're welcome. So, I do my soul's bidding. I'm smart that way. Keeps beauty and joy in my world. And I hope it spills over into yours. Thank you for visiting.