I was born in San Francisco. "Oh, you love saying that." Says the Voice Within. I call her V, for short. "It goes with the picture of me with the Golden Gate Bridge. Stop talking, I need to concentrate." I say to V, annoyed. I also lived in Peru and Mexico. I'm 45. My name means 'soul,' in Spanish. My son and daughter are almost off to college and I'm married to... (I am sitting, unable to type for several minutes, going over my options. Wait a minute! That didn't sound right! What I mean is that I'm having a difficult time summing up the love of my life with just a couple of words. I decide to casually ask little miss know-it-all, V, for her input). "Well, what do you think?" I say to V, indifferently. "Should I say Mike is amazing or wonderful? Is it too boring? Too much? I ask, suddenly insecure. "Already censoring and you just got started. Stop caring what people will think! Try this, stop thinking." The Voice Within says it like it is really that easy. I say to Her, "Why don't YOU write this thing, you obviously know EVERYTHING. This isn't easy you know, talking about myself." V sighs. "You are still believing you are a work in progress, that you have to apologize for who you are. I am here to convince you that you are just right the way you are. Now, take this down... you were made from stardust. That should get their attention. Let's see. What else? I know. Say to them, you are loved unconditionally and you create powerfully. This life you are living is a gift." I respond to V, "In case you can't tell, I'm rolling my eyes. They don't want woo woo. They're going to want Earthly details, this is supposed to be about my life!" I say, exasperated. Laughing, V yells, "In more ways than you know!" "You can be so frustratingly existential." I say. I want to pinch the Voice Within, but, wait a minute, I feel her expanding my vision. I'm warning you, it feels a little, dare I say it? Transcendent. She is way out of my control now. "Dive into the details then!" V exclaims, "Tell how you swam over a mile out to sea to swim with dolphins, how when the priest who married you asked what first drew you to Mike, you said to a crowded church, "His butt and his legs," how there was no sweeter smell than your children's heads when they were babies and how you consider a day successful if you've spent it in pajamas. Be full of wonder! Tell how, as a child, you told the trees stories and you collected their fallen leaves like orphan babies that you tucked between the pages of the stories you wrote. As you fell asleep, you imagined they became more pages, with more stories to tell. Say how you thanked them for all their ideas. Be brave! Talk about how you believe God is a She! And that you are biting your nails as I say this, how goddesses Kali and Athena light your path and you hold Hecate, Witch of the Crossroads, close to your heart. Be authentic! Share that you are a dreamer, your vision boards work and you believe, with all your heart, that to the extent that you listen to Me, your Soul, magic happens. Tell them how scared you were to write your novel because it speaks your truth and you did it anyway, how disappointed you were, for a long time, for not having a 'real, important job,' like a doctor, but you are a healer nonetheless and expressing yourself is your most powerful instrument. Be still and know I Am revealing the words you desire. Tell them there is no you and I, only we, and we know our purpose. It's time to say it out loud! Don't think and just do it!" I believe our purpose is to be who we are, on purpose! "Yes, yes! We speak our truth." Always, speak the truth. Alma

"To confine our lives to terrestrial matters would be to limit the human spirit."

Stephen Hawking

"The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are." Joseph Campbell
It's all About...

The Night of Enitharmon's Joy    by William Blake

Walk toward your wisdom.