Several years ago, I was co-owner of an art gallery in Sisters, Oregon with three of my best friends. We decided that as a business trip we should all attend the Craft and Hobby Association Conference and Trade Show in Anaheim, CA. We were delighted to see how others were working in our areas of interest- fiber, stamps, mixed-media- but mainly we were there to get a glimpse of what was possible for us. I attended Jack Canfield's lecture. He wrote the Chicken Soup For the Soul book series and is an inspirational speaker. When he called for a volunteer to demonstrate a point he was making about the strength of our intentions, he asked me to come to the front and what happened next was magical to me. He had me extend my arms out and to resist his pushing on them when he gave me the next directive. He asked me to think of an intention, something I wanted, for my ego. I thought, I am making a million dollars. While I had the thought, he pushed down on my arms strongly and they easily moved down to my sides. He then asked me to think of an intention that was from my soul. It was still a dream to me, but I thought, with my arms outstretched again, I want to publish a book about my art that will inspire others. Jack pressed down on my arms strongly again, and they did not budge! He was clearly stronger and what was interesting to me is that he pushed for a longer period of time and I felt stronger as he did it. He asked me to share what my intention was, out loud. I went back to my chair empowered by what had taken place, feeling that sharing my intention with others only gave it more power. He took questions and one woman in the back said she wanted to meet me after the talk because she was an editor for a publishing company. I felt I was witnessing the power of intention in action! The woman was very interested in my artwork. I was carrying around a small portfolio of images in my bag that she looked over. She asked me to call her on Monday. As I walked around the convention after the lecture, I passed the North Light Books booth. At that point, they had published a book titled, Pretty Little Things by Sally Jean Alexander, that I owned and appreciated because I felt the personality of its author really coming through. I remember thinking that if I ever had a book published, I would want the same thing. I noticed that there was a negative voice in my head telling me I couldn't have exactly what I wanted, I should just be happy with what I'd already received, a possible opportunity with the editor from the lecture. I noticed the voice getting louder, calling me ungrateful, but there was an underlying feeling within me that believed I could have my dream come true. I gathered strength from that feeling and walked into the booth. I was approached by an Acquisitions Editor who I showed my photos to and she said she was very interested. It took less than a minute and she asked me to call her on Monday too. Six months later, my book was finished and on its way to being published by North Light Books. As I created it, I held the same intention I'd had at the lecture and the ideas for 45 projects flowed easily. I recall that day of the lecture whenever my doubt wants to erode my confidence.


I was thrilled when North Light Books gave me the opportunity to publish Collage Fusion- Vibrant Wood and Fabric Art Using Telamadera Techiniques and I loved creating artwork for it. Read below, how the story of the book came to be. These are pieces that are still available.