Deep and Wide Series invited me to discover a powerful guide within me. My soul has a voice that I can be in tune with and if I listen, She will create openings (windows and entrances), that I can see. What is beyond them is both scary and exhilarating because I'm shown a new way of being in the world that brings with it new opportunities. For example, I was afraid to talk about my soul, how She speaks to me in dreams. One night I dreamed I was an old woman, standing in a beautiful temple and all around, as far as I could see, was a lush landscape of flowers in layers of brilliant color. The overwhelming feeling I had was of peace and knowing that I could create anything I wanted, without doubt, as if the world was saying, "This is you, I am your mirror." I woke up as I said the word, "shambhala," out loud. (Please continue reading at left.) (continued...) After researching its meaning, I became anxious and thought it too ideal a message, one that I didn't feel deserving of. I learned that Shambhala is a spiritual reality of peace, tranquility and happiness that can be attained by anyone. I was being invited to believe that I could live my life with these things all the time. I've come to believe Shambhala is Heaven, within and without. To the extent that I am able to accept everything I am, gratefully, joyfully and without apology, then the world becomes abundant. It offers itself in stories, in poetry, and in images. I can experience its wealth because I'm appreciating what it gives me. I see the gifts others have and the possibilities contained in these. I want peace and happiness for others and I become motivated by this desire. I have a deep and wide experience of love that I want to maintain and celebrate via my ability to create my life intentionally. It isn't easy, but it is simple. My meditation practice has been the open window through which I continually receive life's bounty. World mythologist, Joseph Campbell, coined the great phrase, "Follow your bliss," and when I do follow what my soul loves, I am humbled and astounded that Shambhala exists, right here on Earth.