A Happy Mother's Day wish for my mom. I used footage my father had taken on a day he was capturing the sites in this most beautiful city and my mother and I were along for the ride, keeping him company. Enjoy!

To make this 1 min. 40 sec. video, I created all the scenes in Photoshop.

Thank you for watching my video! It is approximately 32 minutes long, describing what I've come to in regards to creativity and the inspiration process on this artful journey I'm on. May your creative path be filled with wonder, joy and love.

I took Vivienne McMaster's e-course to create this video montage. It was super fun and as you can see, it has unleashed my video making muse (the videos above)! Treat yourself to a great class with this talented artist.

I love being a member of the The San Francisco Women Artists Gallery!

If you are visiting, please be sure to stop by!

Before I moved to California two years ago, I lived in beautiful Central Oregon for ten years. This is where art found me and it has been an amazing ride since!


Seven years ago I was accepted into a juried show in San Francisco called "Celebration of Craftswomen." I was living in Oregon at the time and this was a big and important show to me. I thought I could make a lot of money, so I brainstormed a theme I thought would sell, and I called it Feng Shui Inspired Art. I ran myself ragged, creating the 15 or so pieces, oozing stress on my family and I was exhausted by the time the show arrived. I sold one piece, the one I took that I'd made months earlier, one inspired by my soul. It was titled, "Journey Home." I saw a metaphor in salmon making the long voyage to their original home, their birthplace, to die. In my case, I felt I was dying to my soul, trying to let go of my controlling ways (still a work in progress), so She could show me how to live in joy, creating from a sacred well. Like the salmon, once I found my original home, I have found an everlasting peace. I sold the artwork for $600.-, the exact fee I paid for the show. I realized then my soul has an ironic side to her.

My first Stop- Motion Animation! I'm hooked! I learned many new things creating this and will work on bringing much higher quality next time, but I'm happy the way it turned out. I used imovie and Photoshop CS 6 to create it. Enjoy!