(cont'd...) Artist, Henri Matisse is a huge inspiration to me. I love his paintings that depict a room and the windows with views. I often think about people I admire as I create, imagining a piece of their soul informing my expression. Windows and entrances are symbolic to me. I believe my soul gives me glimpses into my own possibility that I have a choice to be open to and willing to become. There is always tension when my soul opens a window, inviting me to see potential. Before I began teaching, friends like to remind me I said once, "Oh, I could never be a teacher." I was asked to teach a few times and I was resistant, really not seeing how I could teach this process, but when I took a class by an encouraging artist, Pam Jersey Bird, she helped me see I was making it more complicated than it needed to be (we are our own obstacles!). Her generosity of spirit really came through to me and I realized I was self-sabotaging so I didn't have to face my fear of not being liked. When my intention became one of creating opportunities for others to be creative, teaching became something my soul loved. She helped me see I can be the space that holds possibility for others. What a privilege! The Telamadera Fusion precess allows for your unlimited creativity and your own personal touch. I encourage you to join me in a class sometime!


I believe in freedom to create what my heart desires. While working in a series is rewarding and I know its value because it allows me to expand ideas, try new techniques and push myself artistically, I love playing with designs I've already made for classes, to share what's possible. For example, "I Am Free" was expanded in "Inspiration Room" and "Follow YOur Bliss," to include digital images and was the springboard idea for my website's homepage. (Please continue reading at left.)