If I were a house, I'd be a Painted Lady. I'm having a love affair with Victorian houses in San Francisco. I know one day I will have one of my own. "Painted Ladies" was inspired by the row on Alamo Square, the one you see on many postcards. I've taken many photos of architectural details throughout San Francisco, captivated by dentil moulding, corbels and turret towers crowned by hexagonal roofs. (Please continue reading at left). (cont'd...) For years, when I was a little girl, I dreamed of having a Victorian doll house. I received one for Christmas when I was twelve. We were about to move to Lima, Peru, so my parents convinced me to keep it in the box while it traveled in a container on a ship, so we didn't put it together. The container ended up lost, along with my doll house. Of course I was heartbroken but I think my mother suffered more since she lost all her photo albums, including her wedding album! I'm grateful we can keep our memories, that we have the ability to travel time in our imagination and re-member what we have lost. I don't tire of listening to my mom's stories and I know she loves telling them, "Tell me again how you met Dad? What was your wedding dress like again? Who was there?" I ask her, knowing she is turning pages in her sweet memories, bringing them to life for both of us. My doll house dream wasn't thwarted, it is thriving in my passion for Victorian houses. I can imagine how fun it will be to one day decorate one, where the furniture will be placed, the lively dinner parties I'll host, just like I did when I was little, when my dreaming brought me what I wanted. While I wait for my Victorian, I will integrate my images, real and imagined, with many layers of fabric love. I'm currently working on another 36" x 36" artwork, a Victorian Italianate I adore. I'll upload as soon as it is finished!